Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Coming together, the Irish Way

After the terrific success I experienced working with Maggi Smith-Dalton at the Salem Historical Society in Massachusetts, I'm hoping to begin another collaborative adventure as I start James Joyce's The Dubliners with my junior-senior college preparatory course.  In a perfect world, I would love to collaborate with a class in Ireland who is also engaged in the same text but, realizing that might be an unachievable aspiration, my hope is to connect with someone who is from Dublin and is familiar with the text.  The city of Dublin is such a prominent character in Joyce's works and I would love the students to get the perpsective of someone who knows both the city and the text and might be willing to Skype into my class.  Any takers?


  1. Lauren, I'm not in Ireland, but I would direct you to contact the English department at St. Columba College in Dublin (a high school). They blog at http://www.sccenglish.ie/. Perhaps they can help.

  2. I am from Dublin - although I have lived in Canada for many many years - I visit Dublin very often and am quite familiar with Dubliners - I would very much like to connect with you and your students about these stories and the city etc. My email is: mmoriarty@alphaplus.ca

    Maria Moriarty

  3. My classes are using epals.com. Epals hosts classes from all over the world. Cross-cultural collaboration is a big part of what they do. They even have translation capabilities for classes to collaborate from across the language barrier.

    Have fun!
    Laura Coon

  4. Thank you so much for your willingness to partake in this project and for your great suggestions. Much appreciated!